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crish project consists of three elements: First there is the comic crish, a semi-fantastic, slightly absurd adventure, with some explanations and advice on research methods and statistics. The story is planned to be told in four parts. Then there are short statistics lectures and tutorials built around some of the scenes in the comic. Finally, crish is also an opportunity to conduct academic research related to education. All of this is available for free, under various creative commons licences.

The three elements of crish : the comic, the lectures, the research

Why this project?

Originally, the comic crish was born out of a desire to show that it is possible to explain complicated concepts within a truly nice story. While this remains one of the aims, the project is now more generally exploring the potential of comics to help produce engaging and effective educational content.

Who is the comic for?

The target audience are students interested in research, their teachers, as well as academics conducting research aimed at improving education. People with no particular connection or interest in research, but who study or teach Statistics are also likely to be interested in the content of the site.

Who's behind the project crish ?

All the drawings are made by duduq. greu is handling the rest. To find out more about greu & duduq, visit this site.

How is the project funded, if everything is free?

So far, greu & duduq have put in a lot of hours without any financial support, but they now hope to finance the continuation of the project through grants, collaborations, commissions, and the generosity of the readers. If you have any funding ideas, wish to collaborate or are interested in the services of greu or duduq, please contact us!

What tools are used to realize this project?

greu & duduq were careful to use ethically responsible tools. The site is built using the open source and database-free content management system Grav, and an adaptation of the Learn2 theme. It is hosted by infomaniak, pioneer of ecological web hosting. For the drawings, duduq uses an old little tablet wacom intuos pen and touch small that still works very well, and does everything with Krita, a great free and open source software, specialized in digital painting. The pdf version of the comic is available for free on leanpub, an innovative ebook platform, respectful of authors. Finally, all the typefaces (KG Gloria Hallelujah, KG Miss Kindergarten, KG Miss Kindy Chunky) are designed by Kimberly Geswein.


Many thanks to Coralie for her help with the translation from French to English, to Jean-Charles for his involvement and enthusiasm, to Ro for his extensive feedback, to Arnaud, Jérome, Florian for being great guinea pigs, to Vale for believing in it so much ... and to many other people for their precious support.